'Gemini' TKL

Multifunctional. Seamless. Isolation Mount.

Project Details

  • Form Factor : TKL
  • Mounting Type : Isolation (aka Gasket)
  • Typing Angle : 7.77°
  • Front Height : 21mm
  • Connection Type : USB-C
  • Compatibility : MX/Topre (Novatouch)

The inspiration for ‘Gemini’ began with a desire for a custom case for the Novatouch TKL.

There were a few features that we wanted to tackle in our design:

  • USB-C compatibility
  • Inclined Typing Angle
  • Isolation Mount (aka Gasket)
  • Seamless Design

One important idea came to mind and thus the ‘Gemini’ was born. Why not include compatibility for a custom plate and PCB to allow for MX switches as well? Not everyone is going to have a Novatouch donor just laying around and they aren’t exactly easy to find these days. This is accomplished by offering two different top halves depending on your needs.

MX Version:

  • MX Compatible Top
    1. ‘Standard’ WinKey
    2. ‘Standard’ WKL
    3. F13 WinKey
    4. F13 WKL
  • Universal Bottom
  • Polished Stainless Steel Weight
  • MX Compatible Plate
  • Custom Molded U-Gaskets for Plate
  • Custom Molded Feet
  • PCB with USB-C Daughterboard (Unified) [optional]


Novatouch Version:

  • Novatouch Compatible Top
  • Universal Bottom
  • Polished Stainless Steel Weight
  • USB-C Daughterboard (NTA v1.0)
  • Custom Die-Cut Gaskets
  • Custom Molded Feet